ESA AM Benchmarking Centre

European Space Agency (ESA) Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Centre (AMBC)


The ESA AMBC was established in May 2017, following a successful bid led by the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in partnership with The Welding Institute (TWI), Magna Parva and the Science and Technology Facilities Council Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Based at the MTC campus in Ansty Park, Coventry, ESA was guided to set up the AMBC so as to provide a simple and easy way for ESA missions, and other interested companies, to investigate the potential of 3D printing for their work and decide whether to adopt this technology. As the UK National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, the MTC is in a unique position to work with ESA as their AMBC providing support for both the space sector, and non-space markets and applications. At this UK centre of excellence, companies will have access to state-of-the-art production capabilities and the highest level of expertise to support the industrial exploitation of this technology.

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