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Improving fatigue performance of AM parts through design and post-processing

Jan 2017 – Apr 2020


AddMan’s overall aim was to re-design and manufacture an airframe component by using additive manufacturing (AM) technologies to reduce weight and costs while meeting the prevailing stress and fatigue requirements and regulations.

Key activities

  • Characterization of AM manufactured parts to determine the effect of geometry, microstructure, surface roughness and residual stresses on material behaviour to enable optimization of fatigue performance by cost effective surface post processing,
  • Extension of existing Topology Optimization (TO) techniques for AM specific material characteristics and complex geometries for optimal performance and structural strength,
  • Development of CAE methods for metal AM
  • Designing and manufacturing airframe titanium components by using AM technology.


Key information and experience has been gained in the building and post processing (HT, machining, inspection & SF) of EBM & SLM Ti64, in particular thin walled geometries. In addition a publication on work completed in this project has been produced:

MTC role in project

The MTC carried out and/or led the design, build, and post processing of all components made throughout the project. Surface inspection was also completed at the MTC.

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