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Data-driven AM for highly regulated industries

Qtr3 2020 – Qtr3 2022


The objective of the DAEDALUS project is to support the adoption of AM into highly regulated sectors like aerospace by demonstrating a novel digital thread built through an AM supply chain. AM adoption in these sectors is hindered by part quality, repeatability, and traceability problems.

The digital thread will promote the capture, structuring, analysis, and management of data from the entire process chain to overcome these barriers. The project will develop AI-enabled solutions for analysing process data to ensure process stability: improving the quality and yield of the AM process chain. These solutions will be integrated into the digital thread.

Key activities

  • Capture requirements from all process chain steps and, through the Industrial Steering Group, from customers
  • Design a Data Management Framework to capture and manage process data
  • Gather pilot data using the framework and build predictive AI models for process control
  • Validate the framework and AI models
  • Demonstrate the framework and AI models at NCAM, HiETA, and Valuechain


Daedalus will help make the UK the place to manufacture AM parts for highly regulated industries. The solution demonstrated by the project will show how an AM process chain can be connected end-to-end and the process data leveraged to ensure the process is robust. The knowledge generated will allow NCAM to support British companies in joining the AM supply chain by lowering the barriers to building robust processes.

MTC role in project

The MTC will use the knowledge gained on the DRAMA project to support the design of the Data Management Framework and requirements for data capture through an AM process chain. The MTC’s Digital Engineering group will also work with HiETA to build AI models to support process quality. The MTC will use NCAM’s wide range of equipment to validate that the data management framework is compatible with a range of process technologies.

Other details:

  • Project partners: HiETA (lead), MTC, Arrowsmith, Valuechain
  • Funding body: IUK
  • Project budget: £2.1M
  • Grant to MTC: £150k