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Combined METAL AM approach for production of high performance auto parts

Oct 2017 – Mar 2019


The aim of the AMALGAM project was to develop and demonstrate a revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of compound boosting systems, leading to improved engine efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. The new approach combined the latest hybrid laser cladding and 5-axis machining AM approach with parts produced by metal powder bed fusion AM and conventional manufacturing in a single “join as you make” operation.

This provided a cost effective, efficient and flexible method of producing high performance automotive parts, using the optimum combination of processes. The AMALGAM approach enabled novel part design and material combinations to be used to have a dramatic impact on performance. The new approach is not restricted to boosting systems but can be used in a wide range applications in motorsport, low volume and mainstream vehicles, as well as the wider high volume manufacturing sector.

Key activities

  • Collection of information on end-user requirements
  • Selection and redesign of demonstration parts to exploit the benefits of the AMALGAM process
  • Optimisation of the metal AM processes (powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition)
  • Development of suitable machining parameters to enable final part finishing
  • Investigation of post processing steps to improve the part properties
  • Manufacture and testing of the demonstration parts


Enables the ideal combination of manufacturing processes (powder bed AM, directed energy deposition AM and machining) to be used to make a complex high performance part.

MTC role in project

  • Development of process parameters for hybrid directed energy deposition process
  • Supporting manufacture of demonstration parts

Other details

  • Project partners: SS Tube Technnology Ltd (lead), McLaren Automotive Ltd, MTC
  • Funding body: IUK
  • Project budget: £540,691
  • Grant to MTC: £161k
  • Link to Project website: