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Digital ultralow Ra (0.03/4) selective finishing including laser shock peening

May 2017 – Apr 2020


SEAMLESS was a follow-on project from a previously completed IUK project, FlexiFinish. Building upon the hardware integration and knowledge-base development, SEAMLESS focused on broadening the automated finishing cell to 2 new processes (shape-adaptive grinding, laser shock-peening), and creating a digital platform for data handing, manipulation, toolpath generation and handling, and job sentencing.

Key activities

Key activities on the project involved the sourcing and integration of additional processes, with a predominant focus on laser shock peening. The project also involved upgrade of the cell HMI architecture, to enable integration with cloud-based job-sentencing and data handling software and hardware.


By introducing additional digital control and data capture, further traceability can be achieved which adds significant value for industries with more extensive requirements for process validation and certification.

MTC role in project

The MTC were responsible for further integration of new hardware into the cell, and overseeing the software development for the hardware and digital systems developed by ATI, as well as toolpath handling and transfer from TTLs project outputs.

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