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The NCAM has extensive experience in the research, development and implementation of AM materials and associated material handling processes. In addition to our world class powder and metallurgy testing facilities which are used routinely to support work on AM, our researchers are working on the following research topics:

  • Evaluation of the properties of emerging materials processed by AM (powder properties, metallurgy, properties etc.)
  • Improving material properties through thermal processing or post processing
  • Management of the procurement, quality control, handling, health & safety and conversion of powdered materials.
  • Formulating products for enhanced performance, functionality and processability
  • Advanced materials testing – e.g. Functional testing of anti-bacterial materials, material degradation in hydrogen environments, magnetic properties, failure analysis
  • Powder processing line discovery to installation methodology


The key pieces of equipment and software that we use are listed below. We are happy to provide more details on these items and discuss your specific needs, and can coordinate or signpost to other providers if we do not have the capability on site.


  • Mophologi G3SE
  • Revolution
  • Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester
  • Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer
  • Retsch Camsizer XT
  • Thermo Scientific ICAP 7400


  • Mastersizer 3000
  • Cornerstone
  • Morphologi
  • Revolution
  • Powder Flow Ori
  • Powder Rehometer
  • Camsizer XT64
  • Qtegra
  • TM3000

Meet The Team


Dr. Jason Dawes

Technology Manager - Advanced Materials Processing


Dr. Usama Attia

Product Development Manager and Technical Specialist


Dr. Yijun Liu

Chief Metallurgist


Dr. Steven Hall

Senior Research Engineer

  • Expertise in powders for AM, particularly metal


Dr. Nick Cruchley

Senior Research Engineer

  • Expertise in AM metallurgy 
  • Doctorate in Engineering Material for High Performance Applications in Aerospace 
  • Actively working in processing new materials in LPBF, optimising thermal post processing and benchmarking new and novel additive techniques


Dr. Ed Cant

Advanced Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Polymer systems and materials 
  • Doctorate research included developing new biodegradable polymers for additive manufacturing applications