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AM ecosystem for SMEs/Mid-caps leading to development of innovative business and service models and new value-chain models in a fully digital environment

Qtr3 2017 – Qtr3 2021


The overall objective of this project was to support SMEs and mid-caps who could use AM for their products.

Key activities

  • Set up a range of services for an SME to use on their journey from idea to AM production
  • Set up a platform to enable secure exchange of information between the customer and the service providers
  • Fund SME projects to evaluate the platform and services
  • Create a sustainable business model for the platform beyond the end of the project


SMEs have an online source of information and support services that help remove barriers to their using AM as a manufacturing process for their products.

MTC role in project

The MTC is the lead for the DfAM service provided to SMEs, responsible for technical management of the platform and partner in the blockchain implementation.

Other details

  • Project partners: Fraunhofer ILT, MTC, Fraunhofer ISST, IDSA, Keen Bull, strategy&, zabala, AtoS, AIMEN, DTI, INSPIRE, EWF, FRC, INS, LMS, LORTEK, POLITO, SIRRIS, SUPSI, TNO, TWI, VTT, CAMT
  • Funding body: H2020
  • Project budget: €8m
  • Grant to MTC: €303k
  • Link to project website: