NCAM Core Research Programme
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Core Research Programme

The MTC have a membership model which provides a mechanism for closer working with some companies. Part of the membership fees are used to fund a Core Research Programme (CRP) which is match-funded by government to provide a significant budget to carry out mutually-beneficial research projects. There are two rounds of projects per year (March and October) with project topics ultimately decided through member voting. A steering group is subsequently formed for each project to guide the work through to completion typically with a duration of 1 year.

CRP projects

Being a member provides a good opportunity to benefit from collaborative working to share the costs and risks of R&D work, and to facilitate closer working with other members. If you are interested in finding out more about membership please click here.

Many of the CRP projects carried out since MTC began have been on AM or related topics and the information below provides summaries of these projects, ordered by most recently started projects. The menu below groups these by starting year. For MTC members, full deliverables can be accessed through the Knowledge Hub, as well as for all non-AM projects which are not included here.