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AM Process


The Additive Manufacturing process team covers a wide range of technologies including Metal Powder Bed Fusion, Polymer, Ceramic and Bind & Sinter. Within each these technologies the team carry out work focusing around Material Optimisation, Technology Process Assessments. With the overarching aim of accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing.


Material Optimisation:

  • Testing out emerging materials
  • Developing emerging parameters
  • Application evaluation of emerging materials

Technology Assessment:

  • Build feasibility
  • Evaluating existing machinery
  • Developing new machinery

Process Assessment

  • Process Simulation
  • Part validation: (w.r.t Metrology & NDT, and Material Properties)
  • Platform robustness
  • Process chain robustness
  • Materials Management

meet the team


Chris Turner

Business Unit Leader

  • Provides leadership for the AM team across business unit performance, technical governance and strategy 
  • 13 years experience in Metal Powder Bed Fusion (M-PBF) & Polymer AM across a number of highly regulated sectors including Aerospace, Defence, Space and Motorsport 


Dr. Hoda Amel

Technology Manager

  • Guiding Technology strategy development for the AM team 
  • Doctorate in Laser Sintered Polymer Parts 
  • Expertise in Polymer AM 


Ruaridh Mitchinson

Product Development

  • Managing the AM team's products and services 
  • Experienced in Electron Beam Melting, AM in Production operations and facility setup  


Dr. Tom Wasley

Resource Management

  • Responsible for resource management, skills development of the AM team 
  • Doctorate in the development of Additive Manufacturing processes and their materials 
  • Expertise in Ceramic and Bind & Sinter AM 


Emmanuel Muzangaza

Senior Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Electron Beam Melting and Laser Powder Bed Fusion 
  • Experience in the industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Automotive applications 


Dr. Nick Cruchley

Senior Research Engineer

  • Expertise in AM metallurgy 
  • Doctorate in Engineering Material for High Performance Applications in Aerospace 
  • Actively working in processing new materials in LPBF, optimising thermal post processing and benchmarking new and novel additive techniques


Dr. Ed Cant

Advanced Research Engineering

  • Expertise in Polymer systems and materials 
  • Doctorate research included developing new biodegradable polymers for additive manufacturing applications 


Chris Burchell

Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Polymer AM 
  • Experienced in setting up, operating an internal Polymer AM bureau using wide variety of polymer equipment 


Dr. Will Rowlands

Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Ceramic AM 
  • Doctorate in Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics
  • Currently leading the development and execution of the MTC's Ceramic AM capability