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AM Process

The AM process team covers a wide range of technologies including Metal Powder Bed Fusion, Polymer, Ceramic and Bind & Sinter. Within each these technologies the team carry out work focusing around material optimisation, and technology and process assessments with the overarching aim of accelerating the adoption of AM.


The list of key equipment items on site can be found here which are operated within our industrial-scale facilities. In addition, we have access to a wide range of other equipment through our partners and other connections, and can also procure specific pieces of equipment to support your work. Get in touch with us to discuss further.

The areas of work that we focus on are summarised below.

Material Optimisation

  • Testing out emerging materials
  • Developing emerging parameters
  • Application evaluation of emerging materials

Technology Assessment

  • Build feasibility
  • Evaluating existing machinery
  • Developing new machinery

Process Assessment

  • Process simulation
  • Part validation
  • Platform robustness
  • Process chain robustness
  • Materials Management




Chris Turner

Business Unit Lead - AM

  • Provides leadership for the AM team across business unit performance, technical governance and strategy 
  • Many years experience in Metal Powder Bed Fusion (M-PBF) & Polymer AM across a number of highly regulated sectors.


Dr. Hoda Amel

Technology Manager - AM

  • Guiding technology strategy development for the AM team 
  • Doctorate in Laser Sintered Polymer Parts 
  • Expertise in Polymer AM 


Ruaridh Mitchinson

Product Development - AM

  • Managing the AM team's products and services 
  • Experienced in Electron Beam Melting, AM in production operations and facility setup  


Dr. Tom Wasley

Resource Management - AM

  • Responsible for resource management, skills development of the AM team 
  • Doctorate in the development of AM processes and their materials 
  • Expertise in Ceramic and Bind & Sinter AM 


Emmanuel Muzangaza

Senior Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Electron Beam Melting and Laser Powder Bed Fusion 
  • Experience in the industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Automotive applications 


Dr. Nick Cruchley

Senior Research Engineer

  • Expertise in AM metallurgy 
  • Doctorate in Engineering Material for High Performance Applications in Aerospace 
  • Actively working in processing new materials in LPBF, optimising thermal post processing and benchmarking new and novel additive techniques


Dr. Ed Cant

Advanced Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Polymer systems and materials 
  • Doctorate research included developing new biodegradable polymers for additive manufacturing applications 


Chris Burchell

Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Polymer AM 
  • Experienced in setting up, operating an internal Polymer AM bureau using wide variety of polymer equipment 


Dr. Will Rowlands

Research Engineer

  • Expertise in Ceramic AM 
  • Doctorate in Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics
  • Currently leading the development and execution of the MTC's Ceramic AM capability