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Innovative Ceramic Binder Jetting

Qtr4 2018 – Qtr2 2021


This project aims to exploit existing deposition technologies to provide improved properties via a scalable ceramic binder jetting platform. CerAMake will apply advanced material characterisation and evaluation techniques to validate the suitability of the material throughout the process chain, providing a baseline chemistry applicable to a wide variety of ceramic materials. This will result in the first ceramic AM technology capable of achieving high density complex parts, at viable volumes, for multiple market sectors.

Key activities

  • Design and development of scalable binder jetting platform specifically for ceramic materials
  • Formulation, characterisation and testing of bespoke, application specific powder feed stocks and jetting fluids
  • Jetting technology selection and development
  • Manufacturing process chain development and optimisation
  • Development of industrially relevant case studies with end users


  • Scalable, agile manufacturing platform for ceramic components
  • Increased ceramic manufacturing design freedom
  • Novel integration of process and materials resulting in high volume production capability of high density components
  • Potential for application of technology across wide range of industrial sectors

MTC role in project

The MTC are responsible for process development and optimisation. This covers parameter set development for each material, machine benchmarking and development of design and processing guidelines. Alongside the end users, the MTC will also manufacture demonstrator parts for functional testing.

Other details

  • Project partners: KW Special Projects, MTC, Lucideon, Xaar, McGeoch Technologies, CAT International, Emma Bridgewater
  • Funding body: IUK
  • Project budget: £985k
  • Grant to MTC: £123k