Improve Your Workforce Competency / Training
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Improve your workforce competency / training

AM is a technology that is maturing at a fast rate and we can support you to gain knowledge on how to make use of it. With the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, we have developed a comprehensive range of AM training courses.

These cover a range of topics spanning the AM process chain at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, and defined based on a competency framework for industrial AM roles. They are delivered through a range of formats, from online eLearning, virtual classrooms, to face-to-face practical and theory courses over one or more days, offering access to expert AM engineers and state-of-the-art AM equipment and facilities. 

In addition, we have defined training pathways specifically for the roles of AM technician and design engineer, and developed a comprehensive range of training courses to help you develop your workforce competency.

  • An AM technician uses their comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain to carry out the safe and reliable production and post-processing of additively manufactured parts, whilst feeding back cost-saving design improvements to the Engineering team.
  • An AM design engineer uses their fundamental design knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain to design parts optimised for function, cost and additive manufacture, selecting the most effective process and material to meet the design requirements.

Some examples of the courses available are below and for more details on the specific courses or to book your place click here.



In addition to training courses, we have made available the Knowledge Hub which is a free online reference library and portal for the UK supply chain to help you get up to speed and signpost you to resources and people who can help further. AM is a rapidly developing technology and the knowledge is constantly evolving. We aim to keep the Knowledge Hub up to date with the most useful resources for you to progress in your adoption of AM.

In addition, an adoption tracker tool has been developed to enable you to track your progress through to implementation. This supports by linking you to the most relevant resources for your stage of adoption, with steps and milestones defined, and can be accessed here.