Publicly Funded Collaborative projects
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Publicly funded collaborative projects

The NCAM leads and is involved in numerous projects that involve different partners and collaborators enabling tackling of bigger challenges than those that could be solved alone. Given the development needs and potential of AM, we are continually bidding for new projects, so get in touch if you’d like to be a part of a collaborative project with us.



Start: 2016 - End: 2022

Design and manufacture of AM parts for critical flight application.


Start: 2016 - End: 2020

Design decision support system to optimise manufacture of AM parts.


Start: 2016 - End: 2019

Large scale open hybrid AM system (additive + subtractive).


Start: 2016 - End: 2018

Automated selective finishing and post processing.


Start: 2016 - End: 2018

Reliable AM offering higher productivity and performance


Start: 2015 - End: 2019

Establishing advanced manufacturing supply chain for net shape and AM parts.


Start: 2014 - End: 2016

Develop standard approach to AM performance capability assessment and comparison.


Start: 2013 - End: 2017

Develop and demonstrate metal AM process chains for industrial production


Start: 2013 - End: 2015

Hybrid finishing electro-chemical machining ECM & laser