Surface Texture Measurement for AM
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Surface Texture Measurement for AM


CRP year




Project Reference No.


Technical Lead

Andrew Triantaphyllou

AM process & materials used

Powder bed fusion, electron beam (Ti64), laser (Ti64)



The lack of clarity in how to measure the surface topography of AM parts, together with the unpredictability of the surface topography, are barriers to the adoption of AM processes by industry. It is necessary to understand the effect and relative importance of the factors which influence AM surface texture, so as to give manufacturers sufficient information to adapt the component geometry and/or process to achieve the surface texture needed for the surface’s function.

In this CRP project, a preliminary investigation was carried out to measure the surface texture of two metal AM powder bed fusion processes (laser and electron beam types). The aim was to understand the way AM surfaces should be measured in order to characterise them, and to recommend a measurement method to potential users of the AM process.



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