Matsuura Hybrid Additive System Assessment
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Matsuura Hybrid Additive System Assessment


CRP year




Project Reference No.


Technical Lead

Bochuan Liu

AM process & materials used

Hybrid laser powder bed fusion, In718



In hybrid AM additive and subtractive processes are combined, in principle enabling the benefits of AM, including geometrical and production freedom to be combined with the accuracy and productivity of machining. In the case of the Matsuura Lumex Avance 25 machine, laser powder bed fusion is combined with 3-axis milling enabling upward facing surfaces and some downward facing surfaces (moderate overhangs) to be machined during the build process.

The process was developed primarily for the production of complex mould inserts and this CRP project investigated the capabilities and limitations of this system for end-use parts (as an alternative application to tooling) with particular focus on the following areas:

  • The dimensional accuracy and surface finish improvement by the machining process
  • Potential part defects and contamination of the powder feed-stock from swarf (debris produced during the machining operation)
  • Effect of residual stress on the accuracy of parts after machining
  • Quality of the inert gas building environment



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