Machine Finishing of AM and Net Shape Components
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Machine Finishing of AM and Net Shape Components

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Technical Lead

Gari Virk & Sandeep Samanthula

AM process & materials used

Focus on finish machining AM components through different methods. Sample component: EBM, Ti64, 85 x 82 x 57mm


The project aim was to address the difficulties in machining of AM and Net Shape components from two angles:

1. Handling existing machining and finishing challenges with minimal risk where component design cannot be optimised for machining:

  • Identified and tested new methodologies for holding and referencing or datuming.
  • Three of the same component were finish machined and the success evaluated from using different fixturing methods: a polymer AM fixture, a resin encapsulation method, and a machined fixture.

2. Avoiding unnecessary risk where design can be modified:

  • Defined a best practice workflow and approach for "design for finish machining" of AM & Net Shape components.
  • Tested and documented suitable workflows between design, machining and inspection departments.


If you are a member you can access the deliverables of this project here.