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We're excited to introduce the CEAD Flexbot, a cutting-edge product that will transform your business to create a significant impact on the manufacturing industry. Flexbot streamlines production, minimises waste, and accelerates innovation thanks to its cutting-edge 3D printing and automation capabilities.


  • Low Risk Prototyping - Enables prototype development before full production scale-up in safe environment.
  • Sustainability: Reduce overall material and energy costs of adopting this technology over conventional techniques.
  • Large Components: the major benefit of this technology is the scale of the end use components that can be manufactured, creating more opportunities and applications that other AM technology can’t facilitate.
  • Material Options: the CEAD system can process a vast range of thermoplastic feedstocks with various structural and performance additives for a wide range of end applications. The system has a max nozzle temp of 400 Deg and a print bed operating temp. of 100 degrees, enabling processing of high-performance thermoplastics such a PEEK.
  • Innovative technology: The early adoption of this innovative AM technology can offer a commercial benefit to MTC customers. MTC has previous experience in LFAM technology and f material processing

CEAD features

  • Fully flexible System in respect of material options – fibre filled composite materials, sustainable materials.
  • Easily scalable to produce large polymer AM components. Print size is 3000mm x 1200m x 2000mm
  • Robotic automated based system – reduced operating requirements.
  • System will be combined with industry leading Ai build software which is developed for LFAM (Large Format Additive Manufacturing) technology. The AI build platform ‘Aisync’ provides a semi-automated slicing and toolpath generation software, reducing processing time.

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