AM Operations & our facilities
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AM Operations & our facilities

The AM Operations team is responsible for the practical production activities across a wide range of AM technologies. The team operates across dedicated Metal Powder Bed Fusion, Polymer, Ceramic and Bind & Sinter facilities housed within the MTC’s workshops.


The NCAM has several workshops that house the AM and downstream processing equipment. These facilities are industrial-scale and provide representative test-beds for development work. They are also digitally connected enabling data to be captured from the process chain stages and used to optimise the processing.

A key output of the £15m DRAMA project that MTC recently completed is a new digitally-connected metal powder bed fusion learning facility which is housed in our Aerospace Research Centre (ARC). This houses the majority of our metal PBF systems as well as downstream equipment and powder management areas.

The main MTC workshop contains our confidential pre-production cells as well as a new facility that is under preparation to consolidate our non-metal (polymer and ceramic) capability. This workshop also contains our metal binder jetting and our directed energy deposition systems, as well as our powder characterisation and metallurgical analysis labs, CNC, Wire EDM, and the NDT and metrology lab.

The list of key equipment items on site can be found here. In addition, we have access to a wide range of other equipment through our partners and other connections, and can also procure specific pieces of equipment to support your work. Get in touch with us to discuss further.




Vincent Sparrow

MPBF Workshop Lead

  • Responsible for operations management of MPBF facility and line management of all MPBF technicians
  • Foundry and sand casting


Stefan Kousoulas

Lead MPBF Technician

  • Lead technician within MPBF facility
  • Experienced in operating EBM and LPBF equipment
  • Additional experience in AM facility setup and post processing operations such as surface finishing, machining and powder removal


David Badham

Technician Specialist

  • Responsible for running bind and sinter operations at MTC
  • Experienced in operating Polymer, LPBF and Bind & Sinter equipment


Will Conneely

Lead Polymer Technician

  • Responsible for day to day operations of polymer operations of MTC
  • Experienced running a wide variety of polymer machines and associated post processing operations


Ian Whyld

Chief Engineer - Workshop

  • Leads the operations team and functional support teams to deliver world class performance in our cutting edge manufacturing facilities
  • Previous experience includes 15 years leading efforts across Operations, Quality and Continuous Improvement with Rolls-Royce