Technology Road Map for Metal AM
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Technology Road Map for Metal AM


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Bochuan Liu

AM process & materials used

Metal AM generally



The overall aim of this CRP project was to collect information which to enable a road map to be developed which reflected the needs of industry and the current activities in AM to enable the gaps in technology provision to be identified and suitable remedial actions to be taken. The following deliverables were achieved:

  1. A review of existing AM roadmaps, current research and innovation activities of metal AM, and its commercial application.
  2. An industry-pull roadmap that identified crucial research and development topics in five areas that need overcoming in order for the industry to reach a desired future destination, specifically: AM material, design, process, post-processing, and quality control.
  3. A technology-push roadmap that gathered information on activities in the university sector. Twelve universities and research organisations across the UK contributed information to support this deliverable, with the main aim of finding out their research focus and what technology readiness level (TRL) their projects are.
  4. A combined graphical technology roadmap that identified the gaps in research and innovation.



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