Robust Quality Approach for AM via In-process and NDT (RAMPID)
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Robust Quality Approach for AM via In-process and NDT (RAMPID)


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Technical Lead

Ben Dutton

AM process & materials used

Laser powder bed fusion (IN625 & Ti64)



As additive manufacturing (AM) is entering into series production, new and rapid quality assurance techniques such in-process monitoring are needed which intends to reduce dependence on post build inspection. The capability of NDT techniques hinge upon their reliability to detect and measure defects.

A robust way to measure this reliability is through a technique known as Probability of Detection (PoD). Currently, PoD is not typically applied for AM parts due to the typically smaller size of defects that are on the submillimeter scale. This project assessed the level of quality in AM by combining in-process monitoring and post build NDT, by using a PoD approach with both experimental and simulated inputs.




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