Internal Finishing for AM
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Internal Finishing for AM

CRP year




Project Reference No.


Technical Lead

Annie Kerwin

AM process & materials used

LPBF (Ti6Al4V, AlSi10Mg)


The overall aim of this project was to assess the capability of various techniques to finish a variety of internal features in an AM part, and therefore aid the members in the consideration and selection of appropriate finishing processes. This aim was met through the production of the following outputs:

  • Process specific ‘design rules’ to utilise in future during the AM design stage. These can improve the finish achieved on components by tailoring to the advantages and limitations of each finishing process trialed.
  • Experimental knowledge gained on the following finishing processes: Extrude Hone Abrasive Flow Process; REM Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF); Poligrat Chemical Finishing.
  • Theoretical knowledge gained of 15+ finishing technologies suitable for internal features.
  • Generation of predictive abrasive flow machining simulation.



If you are a member you can access the deliverables of this project here.