High Productivity Laser Cladding
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High Productivity Laser Cladding


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Technical Lead

Riccardo Tosi

AM process & materials used

Laser blown powder directed energy deposition



Directed energy deposition (DED) is an additive manufacturing process that uses a focused energy source, such as a plasma arc, laser or electron beam to melt a material which is simultaneously deposited by a nozzle. This approach can be used to make parts from scratch, but more commonly is used to repair worn or damaged parts, or add features or coatings to parts.

A prototype laser blown powder DED system was developed on a collaborative project in 2009-2012 led by MTC entitled “RECLAIM” (Technology Strategy Board project ref: TP11/HVM/6/I/AB194F) which made use of a deposition head that could be retrofitted into a CNC machine tool.

This CRP project followed on from this work and focussed on integrating a new laser cladding unit into the existing RECLAIM machine. The cladding system was completely redesigned to improve a more rigid and compact design, and was then used to produce samples and generate videos to support demonstration of the process to industry, such as that in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Example component repair using the RECLAIM machine


If you are a member you can access the deliverables of this project here.