3D Printed Electronics onto AM Parts
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3D Printed Electronics onto AM Parts

CRP year




Project Reference No.


Technical Lead

Reza Nekouie Esfahani

AM process & materials used

Fused deposition modelling (FDM) - Fortus 450mc. High-performance flame-retardant thermoplastic polymer ULTEM™ 9085.


Conventional manufacturing of electronic systems have limited design freedom and customisation. This project looked at developing a new technique for integrating electronic circuits into the complex geometry of 3D printed polymers via laser patterning, chemical activation and an electroless plating process. This enables AM to address current issues in electronics manufacturing and achieve the required functionality, miniaturisation and reliability for modern electronic systems.

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Identify the laser sources, a 5axis CNC stage, and a plating solution.
  • Obtain quantitative understanding of the laser direct writing technique in promoting active sites/functional groups on the polymer surface.
  • Chemical activation of the laser modified surfaces and creating catalytic sites on the 3D printed polymer’s surface.
  • Electroless plating of the 3D parts and testing of conductive tracks.


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